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We provide Consulting and Advisory services, as well as Project Management, Design and Education in four main industries: Food Security, Development Aid, Regenerative Development, and Disaster Preparedness.

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Our Philosophy

The perspective of Permanent Consulting is simple and straightforward: take care of our habitat so it can provide for its inhabitants. This lens is borrowed in part from the ethics of Permaculture, with a stronger focus on environmental protection. Fundamentally, we need very few things to survive: clean air, clean food, clean water, shelter, and community. But the natural mechanisms that provide these necessities are abused and taken for granted by modern economic imperatives. Left unchecked, continued exploitation of our ecosystems will trigger the collapse of human civilization.


Beyond Sustainability

Taking the steps necessary to maintain our Planet now require us to go Beyond Sustainable and become a Regenerative species. Regenerative in the environmental world is a relatively new term but the general concept is before we can consider Sustainability as a goal we must repair the damage that has been done to the planet. The majority of that damage has been done to our agricultural land, the path to recovery is through Regenerative Agriculture and Land Management. Instead of our food production centres being environmentally degrading we can flip the narrative and have our food production systems become a way to repair our landscapes and revive Nature.


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